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Significant success of the class-oriented trade unionists in Athens

The two-day elections of the 31st Congress of the Labour Center of Athens (EKA), Greece's largest Labour Center, uniting hundreds of workers' trade unions in the private sector, were completed on Sunday 16/02/20. A total of 1,214 delegates voted for the new EKA Administrative Board, representing 104,000 workers from 267 trade unions from all sectors across Athens.

The Democratic Militant Coalition (DAS), the ballot paper that includes communist trade unionists and other trade unionists that rally to PAME, has increased its strength both in votes and in percentages, taking the first place.

The DAS was trusted by the majority of the Congress' body, increasing its number of votes from the previous Congress held in 2017, from 322 to 345 and from 26.9% to 28.7%.

The social democratic SYRIZA forces (under the name EAK) dropped to 238 votes (19.8%), while the old social democratic forces of PASOK took 234 votes (19.4%) and the forces of the government party of ND took 162 votes (13.5%) ).

This was a strong response from the workers of Athens against the unprecedented government-employer attack to manipulate the trade unions. A strong response both against the attempt to get employers into the trade unions, even with their physical presence, and also the "trade union mafia", which controls the leadership of the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GSEE) and with the support of the ND government seeks to organize a congress - parody on 25 February, with the participation of dozens of rigged representatives, even "elected" employers.