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Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE on the Death of Nelson Mandela

The KKE expresses its sincere condolences regarding the death of Nelson Mandela, militant, symbol of the struggle against Apartheid, former president of the African National Congress and the first President of South Africa elected in multi-racial elections.

“Madiba”, as he was called by the popular strata, was identifies with the struggle against colonialism and racial discrimination, against hunger and poverty. He played a leading role in the struggle of the African National Congress – political and armed-against Apartheid and was imprisoned for 27 years due to this activity. He cooperated closely with the South African Communist Party in the framework of the alliance and worked side by side with its historic cadres, such as Joe Slovo and Chris Hani. He was honoured by the USSR for this activity with the Lenin peace Prize and he also received the Nobel peace prize, while the SACP awarded him in 1998 the “Chris Hani” peace prize.

The legacy of the people’s struggles in which he participated and played a leading role against discrimination, poverty, unemployment, inequality is today given expression, meaning and purpose by the struggle of the workers and popular strata of South Africa and all over the world against the monopolies, exploitation and capitalism.