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46th anniversary of the uprising of the students of the polytechnic university and the workers of Athens against the junta:

No involvement in the dangerous plans of the USA – NATO – EU is the message of the uprising

With huge anti-imperialist – anti-war rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki and other major cities, the 46th anniversary of the heroic uprising of the Polytechnic University students and the workers of Athens, of November 1973, was commemorated; an event that was the pinnacle of the anti-dictatorship struggle of the people and the youth against the junta of the colonels that had been in government since 21st of April, 1967.

The slogans o fthe Polytechnic uprising are as timely as ever in the struggle against the policies that lead the people to poverty, to unemployment, to insecurity, against the involvement of Greece in the imperialist designs of NATO – USA – EU, against repression and authoritarianism.

It'snot coincidental that in Athens the great anti-imperialist rally, marching through the central streets of the city, concluded in front of the American Embassy, to remind one that the imposition of the military dictatorship in 1967, served “by fire and iron” the interests of the bourgeois class at the expense of the people, implementing the plans of the US and NATO imperialists, culminating in the coup of Cyprus that led to the Turkish invasion and occupation.


In the Statement of the Press Bureau of the CC of the KKEnotes the following among others:

"The gates of the Polytechnic were covered with the slogans" US Out! "," NATO out! ". These slogans are becoming more and more relevant every year as our country actively participates in US-NATO imperialist plans and is turning into a launching pad for war and intervention. After all, just a few days ago the Secretary of Defense in his deplorable statement - addressing an American general - emphasized that "our men shed their blood together with American soldiers in the wars we were involved in, and this will be the case in the future"!

The ND government has taken up the baton from the SYRIZA government, which whitewashed American imperialism and strengthened military cooperation with the USA. Itoffered valuable services to the system, justifying this criminal policy in the name of “the left” and “progress”, espousing militant values and ideals, strengthening the trend towards conservatism.

The other side of the coin is the attack of the government on labor and trade union rights, the increasing tax robbery of the people, the dismantlement of Social Insurance. A vital complement to this policy is the stepping up of the dogma “law and order”, employer terrorism, state repression, with the goal of putting a brake on all popular and youth demands.”

For these reasons, this year’s commemoration of the Polytechnic uprising takes on great importance. The KKE calls upon the workers, the youth, the poor- popular strata, to honor the heroic Polytechnic uprising and the dead of the struggle against the dictatorship, with mass militant participation in the events of the three-day commemoration and the anti-imperialist march on the American Embassy.

To protest against imperialist wars and the involvement of Greece. To express their solidarity towards the victims of capitalist exploitation, refugees and immigrants, which the policies of the EU – governments traps in our country under wretched conditions.

To isolate the contemporary praise-singers of the junta, those who spew the venom of racism, of fascism, of anti-communism.”

The KKE and KNE blocs, which again this year were the most massive in the anti-imperialist rally in Athens and other cities, passed the resounding message of the necessity of clashing with anti-popular policies and imperialist unions.

As the KKE emphasizes in its statement: "Those governments that have chosen to manage the rotten exploitative system and its laws have inevitably followed anti-people policies. What is now needed for a genuine way-out for the benefit of the people is to form a victorious social alliance that will fight against the monopolies, the imperialist unions, the outdated capitalist system itself, with the goal of socialism. This struggle can clash with anti-popular measures, achieve gains, defend democratic rights and freedoms for the people. "


46th anniversary of the uprising of the students of the polytechnic university